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Documenta provided basic free legal aid to civilian war victims upon request through individual meetings or other communication means. As of 2012, Documenta has been receiving inquiries from victims through email, mail and phone or by visiting the organization. Until the end of 2014 we recorded 164 queries. Most queries were related to information about their rights and possibility to realize these rights, legal remedies that they have and the course of the court process. The problems encountered are: victims do not understand the legal process and their impossibility of entering the same because of the high court costs. Individuals who lead court proceedings often bear high litigation costs. It is important to note that these are usually the people of lower socio-economic status and are not able to pay these costs. Croatian judiciary and the general public failure to recognize the issues of vulnerable groups results in re-victimization and successive violations of human rights. In the attachment you can find the list of inquiries, graphical presentation of categories of victims and their gender structure.