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Monitoring judiciary reform and the phenomena and processing hate crimes/hate speech –
Report from the round table held on 14th December 2015

Monitoring judiciary reform and the phenomena and processing hate crimes/hate speech

Report from the round table held on 14th December 2015

This round table brought together around 60 representatives of the judiciary (judges, state attorneys, attorneys at law), as well as representatives of other civil society organizations, embassies in the Republic of Croatia, and all of the participants showed an interest in the topics, and with their active and extensive participation showed that the devoted time for discussions was not enough. Therefore, it is inevitable the dialog to be continued in order the knowledge and understanding of the relevant topic to be expanded and that will contribute to strengthening of citizen’s perception and trust in the judiciary.  

We are advocating for the support of the critics that are directed at improving the society in general, through strengthening of the judiciary, as well as strengthening of the technical and human capacities, the continuous education and appreciation of their opinion through creating laws and legislative changes. We are advocating for strengthening of the jurisprudence, and for scientific research of the relevant and actual topics. We are advocating for the independence of the judiciary, transparent and objective criteria of their appointment, improvement and dismissal, publication of judgments, creating conditions that would secure the dignity of the judicial functions, which surely is one of the most demanding and the most responsible duties in securing the functioning of the legal state. We are advocating for an independence of the State Attorney Office, as a body of the state prosecution of criminal offenses without any influence of other institutions, and especially without any influence of the ruling political structure.
We are advocating for freedom of speech, but we are also advocating for prosecution of acts of hate speech, as well as for strict punishment of hate crime, because the haters do not care about the individual and his characteristics, but the negative symbol is the same for the group to which that individual belongs.

We are advocating for the respect of the victims of criminal acts, through establishment and development of services for support of victims of criminal acts at all stages of the criminal procedure, which is a key to the achievement of justice for victims, and allows the victims to demand their own rights. We are advocating for lifelong support- support of the victims before, during and after the criminal procedure, and include emotional, psychological support and advices in relation to the legal, financial and practical questions. The Court procedure needs to be pursued in a way not to cause a secondary trauma or victimization, but a return of the identity and the encouragement of applications regarding criminal acts. We are advocating for the full application of the Directive for establishing minimum standards on the rights, support, and protection of victims of crime (Directive 2012/29/EU), which is a big step forward for the victims of the criminal offenses.