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On September 18., 2014. County Court Splitu pronaunced quilty Ante Babca and Miše Jakovljevića, for war rime against prisoners of war and sentenced them – Ante Babac with 3  years and 8 months, Mišo Jakovljević with 3 (tri) years of prison.

Trial against Ante Babac and Mišo Jakovljevića, charged with a war crime against prisoners of war referred to in Article 122 of the OKZRH.


The Indictment charges the accused persons that they (the 1st defendant Ante Babac in his capacity as MP Šibenik squad commander and the 2nd defendant in his capacity as MP squad member) in Nos Kalik on 23 June 1992, contrary to international law rules, tasked to follow and guard a group of war prisoners who had to carry out battle area clearance at the freed area Miljevac, killed from firearems prisoner of war Miroslav Subotić.

Please read the Indictment issued by the Šibenik ŽDO on 6 June 2011 here. (available in Croatian)


Split County Court

Case No.: K-RZ-2/11

War Crimes Council (judges’ panel): judge Bruno Klein, Council President, judges Davor Svalina and Marica Šćepanović, Council Members

Indictment: K-DO-109/11 (K-DO-16/02)

Prosecution: Sanda Pavlović Lučić, Šibenik County Deputy State‘s Attorney

Criminal offence: war crime against prisoners of war referred to in Article 122 of the OKZ RH

Accused persons/defendants: Ante Babac and Mišo Jakovljević

Defence: Frano Baica and Mladen Klarić, lawyers practicing in Šibenik

Victim – killed: Miroslav Subotić

Injured party’s attorney-at-fact: Petar Bačić, , lawyer practicing in Split