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Within the project “Rights, Support, Protection and Compensation to Victims of Criminal Offenses”, financed by the European Commission and co-financed by Croatian Government Office for cooperation with NGOs,  a workshop was held in Split on June 29 and 30, 2017. The lecturers were:

Julijana Stipišić (County state attorney’s office) – “Victims in Criminal Procedure”,

Ljiljana Stipišić (The county court in Split) – “The rights of victims in the investigation, the practice of national courts and European Court of Human Rights”

Nives Jozić (Documenta – centre for dealing with the past) – “Research methodology”

Ana Šeničnjak (National Call Centre, Association for support to victims and witnesses) – “Prejudices and stereotypes”

Dijana Kesonja (Regional Office of the Ombudswoman of the Republic of Croatia in Rijeka) – “Victims of discrimination in criminal and misdemeanor proceedings”

Ljiljana Šupraha (White circle of Croatia) – “The consequences of crime victims”.

The participants of the workshop were the employees of the County and Municipal State Attorney’s Office, the County and Municipal Court, Magistrates Court, the Social Welfare Centre, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ombudswoman’s Office, as well as organizations that come into contact with victims in their work. Numerous practical examples, problems encountered in work, as well as ways of approaching and solving them were outlined through a series of constructive discussions.

We would like to thank all the participants for attendance and active participation because a high quality and comprehensive approach to this issue is possible only through inter-departmental cooperation, interest and active participation of all stakeholders.

Also, we would like to thank to our lecturers, as well as the Judicial Academy and the Office of the Ombudswoman of the Republic of Croatia for participating in the organization of the workshop.