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The Initiative for RECOM and Documenta – Centre for Dealing with the Past would like to invite you to a press conference where “The Map of the 1991 – 2001 War Victims in the Former SFRY”will be presented to the public. The press conference will take place on Thursday, 20 December at 10 AM at Hotel Dubrovnik (the Ban Frankopan Hall), 1 Gajeva St. Zagreb.

Speaking at the conference will be Vesna Teršelič, the director of Documenta – Centre for Dealing with the Past, Nataša Kandić, the founder of the Humanitarian Law Centre Belgrade, and Nives Jozić, Documenta’s coordinator for human losses research.

The Map presents the highest effort of documentation centres – Documenta, Humanitarian Law Centre Belgrade, Humanitarian Law Centre Prishtina, and the Association Transitional Justice, Accountability, and Rememberance in BiH – in establishing facts about human losses in the wars.

The aforementioned documentation centres have been collecting and analysing the data concerning human losses, as well as other forms of mass violation of human rights over 15 years. In this period, huge quantities of documents were collected. Those were analysed in an unbiased way based on a methodology that took a long time to be created. With this presentation, the facts obtained and gathered will finally become permanently available and serve as an acknowledgement of the suffering, as well as a kind of support to the process of dealing with the past, especially to the Initiative for RECOM. The aim with this is to right the fundamental injustice caused by the lack of a complete list of individual human losses based on facts, which the successing countries have not had the will to make even 17 years after ceasefire.

The Initiative for RECOM