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„Large number of people who disappeared during armed conflicts and violation of human rights represent strong reminder of unsuccessful protection of individual rights and maintaining the rule of law; they are ghost of painful history. They tribute to the fragility of peace and conciliation and represent obstacle to evolution of democratic society throughout institution which are effective, responsible and fair.“ – International Commission on Missing Persons.

United Nations declared August 30th as International Day Of  The Disapeared and we address repeatedly competent authorities and citizens to clarify cases of missing persons, making public awareness that each information is valuable, especially for missing persons families who have right to know the truth about their loved ones destiny. Likewise, society itself has legal and moral obligation help them in their search. During the war on the ex Yugoslavia territory 40 thousand people went missing.

On International Day of the Disappeared – August 30th – Documenta – center for dealing with the past, calls on the Government of Croatia to ratify International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance, this year.
Republic of Croatia on the February 6th 2007 signed International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance, but so far has not ratified it. By August 2017, 57 countries have ratified said Convention and because of yet large number of missing people during the war from 1991 till 1995, Republic of Croatia would have been 58 country to ratify said Convention so it would show the will of to observe the rights and obligations which Convention requires.

Enforced dissapearances do not belong to the history. It is the reality which is present all over the world. Therefore United Nations Commission on Human Rights launched initiative which aims enhancing awareness about importance about noted problems and necessity for all countries to ratify the Convention: Stand up for the disappeared

Considering that Government of Croatia in 2017 planned legislative acitivities, precisely Ministry Of War Veterans announced adoption of the Law of missing persons during the War for Croatian Independence, and having regard information given by the mentioned Ministry which highlights that in this moment, search for 1533 missing persons is still active, and that location of place of burial is unknown for 419 persons, which altogether account total of 1952 unclarified destiny, we find essential to ratify Convention as the foundation for announced national mentioned law.