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Documenta – Centre for Dealing with the Past participated in the Conference reflecting on the legacy of the ICTY and how others can build upon its achievements and would like to share the conclusion and recomandations of the Coference.

Building on the efforts already undertaken by the ICTY in generating legacy discussions and legacy-related projects, the Trbunal held the final legacy conference to contribute to the ongoing debate among a wide variety of stakeholders. This occasion offered an opportunity for local, regional and international actors to discuss aspects of the Tribunal’s role and legacy in several key areas.

The goal of the conference is to enable others to build on the achievements the ICTY has made over its 24 year history. The vision is for a series of dynamic dialogues with those who can take what the ICTY has developed forward into new areas, with a particular focus on the role of national actors. The conference will explore how the work of the ICTY can feed responses to conflict-related atrocities and crimes at a national level in a number of fields, while also benefiting from the transfer of insights gained at the national level.

At this conference, legacy will not simply be addressed as a static assessment of the ICTY’s work, but rather as a dynamic discourse and transformation process – a sharing of experience and knowledge. Only through a dynamic and open process will the ultimate goal of advancing and bolstering the rule of law be achieved.

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