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Following the permission to re-open criminal proceeding in which the defendants Maks Podgornik and Zdravko Ranđelović were sentenced for a war crime against civilians, and amendment of the indictment, the trial against the mentioned defendants was discontinued by way of applying the provisions of General Amnesty Act.


The Zadar County Court, in its final verdict No. K-4/95 of 26 January 1995, sentenced in absentia the 1st defendant Maks Podgornik and the 2nd defendant Zdravko Ranđelović. The Court found them guilty of committing a war crime against civilians under Article 120, paragraph 1 of the OKZRH. The defendants received a prison sentence in the duration of 8 years each.

On 11 February 2009, the County State Attorney’ Office filed a request (No. KT-44/93) for the re-opening of trial.

With the decision No. Kv-67/09, on 12 October 2009 the Zadar County Court accepted the State Attorney’s request and permitted the re-opening of trial by reversing it back to the investigation stage.

With the memo dated 11 March 2010, the State Attorney modified the factual and legal description as well as the legal qualification of offence charging the defendants for commission of a criminal offence against the Republic of Croatia by endangering the territorial integrity referred to in Article 231, paragraph 1 of KZRH.

In considering the fact that this criminal offence was covered by General Amnesty Act, the Court discontinued the trial, quashed the previous convicting verdict and determined detention, and ordered warrants against the defendants to be withdrawn.

Decision and order by the Zadar County Court issued on 12 April 2010, you can see (in Croatian) here.