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On Tuesday 10 July 2012, the conference The right to legal
remedy and reparation for victims of gross violations of human rights
and violation of International Humanitarian Law
took place in Zagreb. The conference was organized by Documenta.

year after the war has ended,  the civilian victims of war are still
being a marginalized social group. Instead of the right to moral and
material satisfaction, the victims still have not received the public
acknowledgment of their suffering. Thus, the time to change this
situation has come – responsible state institutions should find legal
solutions that will cover a comprehensive compensation and reparations.
Sufferings of  a number of family members of victims of war crimes are
still not recognized, the crimes have not been prosecuted, and most of
the victims lost damage compensation proceedings against the Republic of
Croatia and are obliged to pay high costs of litigation. Documenta
draws attention to their position and urges to find appropriate
solutions to compensate losses of civilian war victims.

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