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The Documenta pariticipated in the 6th regional workshop entitled “Building Resilience and Inhibitors Against Atrocity Crimes: A Joint Agenda for Prevention” in Sarajevo, organized by the Post-Conflict Research Center together with the United Nations Office on Genocide Prevention hosted. Bringing together 25 civil society organizations from across the Balkan region, the workshop focused on the topic of preventing genocide and atrocity crimes in the region through an analytical framework looking at risk factors, indicators and inhibitors.

The workshop started with a special video message from Mr. Adama Dieng, UN Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on Genocide Prevention. Mr. Dieng expressed his full support and commitment toward these activities stating that: “together we saw the seed of peace & reconciliation that will take root and grow healthy and strong both in your country and in the region [the Balkans].”

The workshop ended with a mutual agreement between CSO representatives to create an informal, regional CSO coalition for the prevention of genocide and mass atrocities.