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Charter of the Republic of Croatia

for the extraordinary success in encouraging the process of dealing with the past in Croatia, researching and documenting prewar, wartime and postwar events and cooperation with civil society organizations and similar institutions in the world.

President of the Republic of Croatia dr. sc. Ivo Josipović, 2012

“Diana Budisavljević” Plaque

Vesna Teršelič received an award for dedicated work on elimination of hard legacy of war and initiating the establishment of the Regional Commission    for Truth-seeking and Truth-telling about War Crimes committed in former Yugoslavia.

Serbian National Council, 2011 

Schwarzkopf Europe Award

Vesna Teršelič, Nataša
Kandić and Mirsad Tokača
jointly received the prize for their tireless efforts for peace and
understanding in South-Eastern Europe. They contribute in an outstanding
way to a stable future of the region. Their work raises hope that the
essential process of working through the memories of the war in the
Balkans in the 1990s can be achieved.

The Schwarzkopf Foundation, 2009.

Right Livelihood Award
Vesna Teršelič i Katarina Kruhonja received the “Alternative Nobel Peace Prize” for their dedication to a long-term process of peace-building and reconciliation in the Balkans. The commitment of these two women, and the many organisations and
activities which they have helped to inspire, has significantly
increased the prospects for a transition in the area from war and ethnic
division to democracy, justice, non-violence and peaceful cohabitation.

The Right Livelihood Award Foundation, 1998.