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The person in the photograph is Zora Pavlović (Klemenčić), secretary of the League of Communist Youth of Yugoslavia of the Posavina Partisan detachment. The photograph was taken on 8 May 1945, with Zora standing outside the post office building in Jurišićeva street – just before entering Vlaška street, where fighting for the liberation of Zagreb was still ongoing.

In the interview for the documentary film, she said:

“We gathered in the Square of the Republic, when a woman informed us that the Radio station (in Vlaška 116) was blown up. I was with a group that went towards Vlaška through Jurišićeva street. There, in Vlaška, we had an intense fight with a group that was retreating towards Maksimir… The people helping us were wonderful. There were so many civilians wearing armbands bearing the sign of the Front. They were carrying away our wounded. There was the Red Cross. All that was necessary, these civilians were quick to do.”

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