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Documenta participated on Watchdog Forum organized by the Citizens Network Watchdog Poland and Stefan Batory Foundation. Watchdog Forum took place in Warsaw on September 25-26, 2015. The agenda of the forum is avaible on:

Citizens Network Watchdog Poland is the organisation that has been working in Poland for the last 12 years for the sake of transparency of public life, good governance and accountability of the authorities. It protects the right to information as the basis of a healthy democratic system. It teaches the citizens how to successfully gather information regarding the functioning of authorities and public institutions and how to influence their decisions.

It cooperates with other domestic and foreign watchdogs. Since 2007 it has been organising training courses and networking meetings for advanced watchdogs and for those who only start to become involved in social control. It has an internet website dedicated to watchdogging activities

The organization is currently running a project called Watchdogging – professionally and permanently in public interest, whose goal is the development of Polish society of Watchdogs.