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On the first day of the military police operation “Flash”, 01 May 1995. Medari in the village, then the municipality Nova Gradiska, Croatian soldiers killed 22 civilians of twenty-four of them as they are then caught in the village.

We remind that the first May 1995. The members of the Croatian army entered the village about 6 o’clock in the morning and committed crimes against the remaining population. Survivors are two young girls, and only because they are recognized and protected one of the members of the Army. We require a more effective police work and the Croatian State Attorney’s Office and the courts of the Republic of Croatia in the investigation and prosecution of all war crimes, and we warn once more to unprosecuted war crimes in Medari.

Army military police operation and the police and the Croatian “Flash” was first performed and 2 May 1995 .. at previously occupied part of Western Slavonia (part of the municipality Pakrac Novska and Nova Gradiska). In 36 hours free is about 500 square kilometers of territory previously occupied, which was set up traffic on highway Zagreb-Lipovac and after four blocks east of the Croatian re-connected with Zagreb.

Determining the circumstances and facts about the suffering of victims and prosecute the perpetrators of the bee, contributed to the recognition of the suffering of victims and breaking the spiral of violence. Individualized responsibility and distancing from the crime, the community would get a chance to mitigate the negative legacy of the past.

In a separate statement, which is enclosed, read more about the victims of crime in the bee, pending action on the exhumation of remains brutally murdered, the criminal (in) the prosecution of crimes and families of victims without compensation.