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We invite you to promote the book doc. Ph.D.. Full text is not “the administration of the independence of the Croatian accession to the European Union. Part 1. 1990th to 2004th,” and an occasional round table entitled Management in the reorganization.

The promotion and the roundtable will be discussed:

  •  Živana Heđbeli (the author of the book, Head of General Affairs in the Office of General Affairs of the Croatian Parliament and Government)
  • Peter Pavel Gonzales (book reviewer, Mednarodni Institute of archival science in Maribor – Trieste)
  • Gordana Marčetić (Faculty of Law)
  • Robert Blazevic (Faculty of Rijeka), and
  • Boris Milosevic (the Croatian Ministry of Administration, Assistant Minister).

Book promotion and round table discussion will be held on Friday, 11 May in the Croatian Parliament, Hardy Hall, starting at 11:00.