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From the events that marked the beginning of the wars in former Yugoslavia has been twenty years. The disintegration of Yugoslavia and the national rounding of new nation states is strongly influenced by the society in all its aspects young citizens who are from the mid eighties the gradual release of socialist ideology encounters with non-democratic regimes, not passively react. Fourth of July 1991. The letter issued by the Green Action Charter with the title stop the war! which was founded in Antiwar Campaign.

Marking this date is the cause of regional conference on legacy of peace initiatives, which we gather peacekeepers, activists, theoristsin thinking about the meaning of anti-war and peace-keeping efforts in the early nineties. What was the scope of their activities on society? How are operated by and against state institutions, and in what sense was the intercession of the rule of law? How are the affirmation of life influenced by his own conscience, and put on the agenda of various disadvantaged social problems? How many lives were saved? What is the status they enjoyed in theory? What tasks are still ahead a systematic policy of peace? These are just some questions that we intend to problematize.

The conference will be held in Zagreb, Grič Art Cinema, March 1-2, 2012 and it is open to all interested participants (we are not able to cover travel and accommodation expenses to participants outside of Zagreb). The conference is jointly organized by Documenta, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Croatia and Heinrich Boell Stiftung Croatia. The program is attached.