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On August 5, 2012, citizens of Prijedor, family members of victims, and human rights activists from the region and other countries, gathered in Prijedor to walk down the main street in a protest march entitled “Equality and the right to remembrance”.

The march participants carried school bags bearing names and age of children killed in Prijedor during the war. This movement installation points to the fact that 102 boys and girls from Prijedor, aged between three months and 17 years, were killed in the war.

More than 3,000 people from Prijedor were killed, tens of thousands expelled, and thousands detained in camp Omarska, Trnopolje, and Keraterm during the war. Twenty years after these crimes had been committed, sites of the camps and mass executions remain unmarked, while the victims are withheld their right to remembrance. Documenta‘s activists joined yesterday and supported the protest march in Prijedor.