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In the beginning of
October 1991, months-long occupation of Dubrovnik started, during which
Dubrovnik’s residents lived in a land and sea blockade, in shelters and without
electricity and water. Yugoslav National Army forces attacked the Dubrovnik
area from Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as from the Adriatic
Sea. On December 6, 1991, Dubrovnik suffered the severest attack. 

During the
war in the Dubrovnik area, 116 civilians were killed and several hundreds were
wounded; 430 Croatian defenders died, 443 persons were imprisoned in camps
Morinj (Montenegro) and Bileća (Bosnia and Herzegovina), 33 000 persons were
expelled from their homes and 2,071 residential objects were destroyed. 

We believe that 22 years after the beginning of the war not enough effort has
been put neither into establishing responsibility and justice nor into building
a culture of remembrance based in historical facts.