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An updated list of missing persons on the Croatian territory during the war 1991 to 1995 was prepared and published by the Croatian Red Cross and the Administration of the Detained and Missing Persons of the Ministry of Veterans. The “Book of Missing Persons on the teritory of the Republic of Croatia” was presented today in Zagreb.

Missing persons are one of the most painful and long lasting consequences of war in Croatian and other post-Yugoslav countries. Several thousand people went missing in the armed conflict that took place between 1991 and 1995, leaving their families and friends in uncertainty. This issue is still the key humanitarian consequences of war.

Thanks to the efforts of the Croatian authorities the fate of over 80% of registered missing persons was resolved so far. However, 17 years after the war the fate of 1.736 missing persons is still unknown.

The Book was presented by hight state and international official – Colonel Ivan Grujić, Administration of Detained and Missing Persons, Predrag Matić Fred, Minister of Veterans, Nenad Javornik, Executive Chairman of the Croatian Red Cross, Barbara Hintermann Marclay of the International Committee of Red Cross, and Croatian President Ivo Josipović.

The Book’s third edition provides an up-to-date list of persons who went missing in the Republic of Croatia as well as of the requests for tracing human remains still open as of April 30, 2012. Therefore, the number stated in the book are slightly different then actual number.

The data contained in this Book have been consolidated through cooperation of the Croatian Red Cross Tracing Service and the Administration of the Detained and Missing of the Ministry of Veterans and crosschecked by the International Committee of the Red Cross, the Red Cross of Serbia and the Commission for Missing Persons of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and, thus, this edition is the result of a joint effort of all above stakeholders.

After years of uncertainty and pain, the families of missing persons have the right to know the truth about the fate of their dearest. And, as highlighted at the event, it is duty of us all to help them learn it.

We invite everyone who has any kind of information that may help in determining the fate of missing persons and finding places of mass and individual graves, to share it with Administration of the Detained and Missing Persons with full confidence. If you need more information please check their leaflet below.