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Representatives / Platforms and 112 met on 11 svibnja 2012th with Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic to discuss ways of cooperation with the aim of achieving 112 specific application platform 112, which would contribute to achieving the rule of law in the Republic of Croatia.

Director of Documenta, Vesna Terselic during a meeting with Prime Minister Milanovic pointed out that all previous governments have not recognized the suffering of civilian victims of war and urged immediate write-off litigation costs to families of victims of war crimes that the court failed to hear claims for compensation for the death of a loved one who on the basis of such court decisions threatened enforced collection from their modest pensions.

The Prime Minister emphasized the importance of SDP initiated discussions with civil society organizations gathered around the platform 112, after which the representatives of the associations noted that the specific issues to resume talks at the level of individual ministries.

The requirements of the platform 112 spoke / and are, Sandra Bencic, Center for Peace Studies, Jelena Berkovic, GONG, Vesna Terselic, Documenta Tomislav Tomasevic, Green Action, Ljubo Manojlovic, the Serbian Democratic Forum, Toni Gabric, Association for Independent Media Culture, and Damian Janjušević, Association for the Self-Advocacy.

For more details, see the statement that the platform 112 is attached.