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THE BROADER CONTEXT – Spreading nationalistic rhetoric and justification for committed crimes;

The meeting of Croatian and Serbian Justice Ministers and the signing of the Protocol on Cooperation between the Prosecutor’s offices of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina – suggest better cooperation in prosecution of war crimes;

Croatian Government has still not written-off the costs of lost lawsuits.

COURT PROCEEDINGS – Shortage of material and human resources by courts and state attorney’s offices dealing with war crime trial cases;

Accused persons’ unavailability – a characteristic of war crime trial cases; Monitored
trials in Croatia / Proceedings against members of Croatian military
/ Proceedings against members of Serb military formations;

Proceedings for restitution of damage for the death (killing) of a close family member – inadequate and exhausting path of getting the damages paid to the family members of the killed victims;

Investigations and charges pressed in the Republic of Serbia;

War crimes prosecution in Montenegro – dissatisfaction of the victims with the course of the proceedings for the crimes committed in the Morinj Detention Camp.

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