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The fifth anniversary of entering into force of the Convention on cluster munitions took place in Rovinj on 1th of August2015 with an emphasize on providing assistance to mine victims and encouraging their effective rehabilitation and reintegration into the society. It was organized by the Mine Aid in collaboration with MARE, the Foundation “Croatia without Mines”, Disability Volleyball Club “Zagreb”, Croatian Mine Action Centre and the Government office for demining, which representatives of Documenta attended the event. For this purpose Disability Volleyball Club “Zagreb”, whose members are also persons injured by mines and cluster munitions, played a demonstration match of sitting volleyball with the purpose of promoting positive perceptions and the importance of social integration of victims and persons with disabilities in general.
In M.A.R.E. Center was held a round table on the topic: “Commitment, achievements and impact of the Convention on Cluster Munitions” to raise the awareness on the issue of explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and unexploded ordnance (UXO), obligations and the connection of this Convention with other related conventions. Representatives of non-governmental and governmental sector concluded that there is a lot of challenges left when it comes to complete demining of Croatia as well as the full realization of all human rights for persons with disabilities, without discrimination of civil and war invalids, or cluster monition victims and those who have suffered injuries or are disabled from other causes; differences in treatment should be based only on medical, rehabilitative, psychological or socioeconomic needs; in accordance with the Convention (Art .5. p. 2). Once again it was pointed out that other obligations under the Convention are not for filled as well because the Republic of Croatia does not have a consistent and updated database of people affected by landmines and other explosive remnants of the war.
From 6 to 11 of September, 2015 in Dubrovnik will be held UN First Review Conference on the Convention on Cluster Munitions, organized by the Office for Demining, making a country that has a problem in contamination of explosive and ordnance a host of international conference.
The rights of civilian war victims, which include victims of EOD and UXO, in connection with the war events (bombing, explosion of war materials, stray bullet, etc.) or explosions of remaining war materials after the completion of war operations, is regulated by Law on Protection of Military and Civilian Homeland War Invalids, whose changes have been announced for autumn 2015.