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According to a statement of the Office of the President of the 08th svibnja 2012th “Croatian President Ivo Josipovic, received a delegation from the Coalition for RECOM (Regional Commission for establishing the facts about war crimes and other serious human rights violations, committed in the former Yugoslavia in the period from the 1991st to 2,001th year), led by the Director of Humanitarian Law Center in Belgrade Natasa Kandic.

The delegation was Zdravko Grebo and Dino Mustafic from Sarajevo, and Zarko Puhovski and Mario Mažić from Zagreb. They talked about the need for countries in the region do everything possible to determine the fate of missing persons and identify and punish perpetrators of war crimes. In relation to the RECOM initiative, the President of the Republic will be pledged by other countries in the region, President of legal experts to examine the constitutional and legal possibility of implementing these initiatives in each country of the region. “

Below you informed about new issue! Voice Initiative RECOM, where you can read articles Zarko Puhovski, Natasa Kandic, Biljana Vankovska and others, as well as an interview with The Page, president of the Croatian PEN Centre. About all the more attached to this information.