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Documenta is implementing the project Forgotten History of Zagreb place of remembrance, of Oblivion with the support of the Europe for citizens of the European Union.

The project will place a temporary exhibition that will display the history of mass executions, mainly Serbs, Jews and others of members of national liberation movements were committed during the Ustasha regime and the Independent States of the Zagreb Croatian general, and specifically in the park Dotrscina. Selected exhibition will be implemented in September 2012th

We invite artists / CE on proposals for one (1) exhibition which will be chosen for display outdoors on the square of victims of fascism in the park Dotrscina in Zagreb. Given that the exhibition will be open, we suggest the use of materials resistant to adverse weather conditions. All interested candidates / olds should be familiar with the topic themselves and seek additional information required for preparation of concept proposals. Proposals may be submitted individually or in a group of artists / ca.

The deadline for submitting proposals is 15 June 2012., and all additional information and rules of competition, see the Appendix.