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Documenta – Centre for Dealing with the Past from Zagreb, together with its partner organization, The Institute for Applied History in Frankfurt on the Oder, the organizes five-day school on culture of memory “Sharing experiences and knowledge about the memory of the Holocaust and war crimes”, which will be held in Zagreb, 15th to 20 March 2012.

The school will bring together civil society activists, journalists,
museum curators, historians, students, researchers, and others experts
who are engaged in related social events, witnesses and survivors,
participants in war events, and others interest in the culture of memory and commemoration practices from the countries of former Yugoslavia and the European Union.

Participants will jointly explore
and discuss issues of mass crimes committed in Europe in the 20th
century, such as the Holocaust, genocide, ethnic cleansing and other
serious violations of human rights
. Participants will work
together to address the question of memory these crimes through various
lectures, discussions, workshops and study visit (as part of the school
will organize a visit to the camps of the Second World War).