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Reopened trial against Janko Radmanović and Radisav Stojanović, previously tried in absentia and sentenced for the commission of a war crime against civilians.


The Indictment charges Janko Radmanović and Radisav Stojanović that, in their capacity as commanders of the “Ivan Senjug Ujak” barracks, in Slavonski Brod on 15 and 16 September 1991 by violating the international law rules, they were issuing orders to open fire on certain town parts without selecting the targets using all available weaponry, regardless of the fact that actions were being taken by regular Croatian armed forces; and as a result, the defendants’ subordinate officers and soldiers executed the orders to open fire because of which, subsequently, destroyed and damaged were many facilities, six civilians sustained light physical injuries and one civilian sustained serious physical injuries; thus the defendants are charged with a war crime against civilians under Article 120, paragraph 1 of the OKZRH.

Clik here to read in Croatian the indictment no. KT-72/91 of 6 December 1991 issued by the Požega County State Attorney’s Office.


By the Požega District Court verdict no. K-82/91 of 25 October 1993, the defendants were found guilty in their absence. Each defendant received a prison sentence in the duration of 15 years.

By the VSRH verdict no. IKž 157/1994-3 of 4 May 1995, the appeals by defendants Radmanović and Stojanović were dismissed as unfounded and the first-instance verdict was upheld.

Click here to read in Croatian the VSRH verdict.


The Požega County State Attorney’s Office requested reopening of the criminal proceedings no. KT-72/91 of 11 February 2009.

The Court gave its permission to have the trial reopened.


On 1 June 2011, the verdict was pronounced which confirmed the previous verdict by which the defendant were found guilty and sentenced to 15 years in prison each.


Slavonski Brod County Court

Case file number: K- 12/01

War Crimes Council (panel): judge Jadranka Đaković, President of the Council, judges Mirko Svirčević and Zlatko Pirc, Council Members

Indictment: no. KT-72/91 of 6 December 1991 issued by the Požega District Prosecution; amended at the main hearing held on 25 October 1993 – at present no. K-DO-8/10 issued by the Slavonski Brod County State Attorney’s Office

Prosecution: Stjepan Haramustek, Slavonski Brod County Deputy State’s Attorney

Criminal offence: war crime against civilians under Article 120, paragraph 1 of the OKZRH

Defendants: Janko Radmanović and Radisav Stojanović, not present

Defence: lawyer Ivanka Dugandžić (appointed by the court), lawyer Tomislav Skutari (appointed by the court)

– grevious bodily harm: Ivan Babić

– with mild physical injuries: Marica Miloš, Konstantin Bašić, Marija Kovačević and Drago Vidaković

Destroyed or damaged: Memorial House “Ivana Brlić Mažuranić”, department stores “Vesna” and “Bamby”, kindergarten “Pčelica”, hospital “Plavo polje”, hotels “Park” and “Brod”, sports hall “Klasije”, primary school “Mika Babić”, Basilian sisters monastery, catholic church “St. Nikola Tavelić”, many private and state-owned housing units.