Zagreb, 28 April 2021

On April 28, 2021, the High Criminal Court accepted the appeal of the defence counsel of the I. defendant M. Veselinović, and regarding that appeal ex officioin relation to the II. Defendant J. Zečević quashed the first-instance judgement and ordered a retrial.

See the decision of the High Criminal Court below.

SPLIT, 18.01.2021.

In absentia, the Split County Court found the accused Milan Veselinović and Jovo Zečević guilty of War Crimes against Civilians under Article 120, Paragraph 1 of the BCCRC in the manner described in the operative part of the Judgemnent.

Pursuant to the same legal regulation, the Accused Milan Veselinović was sentenced to 5 years and 6 months of imprisonment, and the Accused Jovo Zečević to 6 years of imprisonment.

The accused are former members of the so-called SAO Krajina Militia. The indictment avers mental and physical abuse of a civilian who suffered multiple injuries to his head, chest, right wrist and spine during torture.



Toponym: Crime in Kakma near Benkovac

Split County Court

Case no.: K-rz-8/2011

War Crimes Chamber: Judge Visnja Strinić, President of the Chamber


Prosecution counsel:

Criminal offense: war crime against civilians under Art. 120 para 1. OK ZRH

Defendants: defendant Milan Veselinović, defendant Jovo Zečević

Defendants’ defence counsel:

Victim: Davor Lukić, mentally and physically abused. He suffered multiple injuries to his head, chest, right wrist and spine.