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Trial against Petar Rašić for war crime against civilians, as described and punishable according to Article 120 of the Basic Criminal Law Act of the Republic of Croatia (hereinafter: OKZRH).


The Vukovar County State Attorney’s Office (ŽDO) issued the indictment on 5 May 2003 against the 1stdefendant Petar Rašić, the 2nddefendant Milan Bulić (deceased now) and the 3rddefendant Mirko Vojnović (deceased now).

Click here to read in Croatian the Vukovar ŽDO’s indictment no. DO-K-12/99 of 5 May 2003.

The indictment charges Petar Rašić that in his capacity as member of Serb paramilitary formations, following the occupation of Vukovar on 18 November 1991, he was separating detained persons at the “Velepromet” and was taking them to so-called “stolarija” (carpentry room), many of which were later reported missing; he threatened detained persons at Ovčara that all of them should be killed; he requested Zvonimir Ivanišević be separated at the Velepromet and taken to the so-called carpentry where he was beaten and maltreated,

thus, by violating the provisions of international law at the time of occupation, he was killing and torturing civilians inflicting them great suffering and physical injuries harming their integrity and health, applying intimidation and terror measures, and acting inhumanely against them,

therefore, he committed a crime against humanity and international law – war crime against civilians, as described and punishable according to Article 120 of the OKZRH.


Vukovar County Court

Case file number: K-24/03

War Crimes Council (panel): judge Nikola Bešenski, President of the Council; we are not familiar with the names of the Council Members

Indictment: no. DO-K-12/99 of 5 May 2003 issued by the Vukovar County State Attorney’s Office,

Prosecution: Miroslav Šarić, Vukovar County Deputy State Attorney

Criminal offence: war crime against civilians under Article 120 of the OKZRH

Defendant: Petar Rašić, unavailable to the Croatian judiciary

Defence: Jovan Ajduković, lawyer practising in Vukovar

Victim (beaten and maltreated): Zvonimir Ivanišević