Young people (aged 18-25), residing in Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, and Spain are invited to join our study visit ”Untold story: women and anti-war activism” in Osijek and Pakrac, Croatia (September 12-16, 2023).

Participants will gather on September 12 in Osijek. On September 15 the group will have a day trip to Pakrac, returning to Osijek in the evening. You can find the program bellow.

The participants will learn more about the history of Croatia with a focus on the 1990s – a time of war, but also of civil resistance to violence. Women were actively involved in peace initiatives, engaging in antimilitarist, pacifist and civic groups, but their stories are still disregarded. At the same time, the 1990s brought a new wave of feminist initiatives and organizations dealing with women’s rights and supporting women victims of violence.

In Osijek, the group will learn about local civic initiatives and meet with members of the Centre for Peace, Non Violence and Human Rights. The center was founded in 1992. Its activities are aimed at building peace, protecting and promoting human rights and freedoms, and promoting creative methods of conflict resolution on an individual, group and political level.

The group will also visit Pakrac, a that it hosted the first international volunteers whowanted to support the local community during the 1990s war. The Volunteer Project Pakrac took place from July 1993 to March 1997. It was led by the Anti-war Campaign Croatia (ARK) under the security and political umbrella of the UNOV Pakrac Social Reconstruction Project (UNOV PSRP) –
an ad hoc structure within the UN Office Vienna.

During the study visit participants will visit various locations in Osijek and Pakrac related to peace initiatives in the 1990s, meet time witnesses, learn more about democratization processes in Europe, and exchange knowledge with peers from other European countries.

Who can apply: young people (aged 18-25) interested in the topic, residing in Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, and Spain.

When and where the study visit takes place: September 12-16, 2023 in Osijek and Pakrac (Croatia)

Costs: Traveling to Osijek and back, day trip to Pakrac, accommodation, food and all program activities during the study visit are fully covered by the organizers

The maximum contribution for travel costs for one person, from hometown to Osijek and back is the following:

Bulgaria – 275 euro

Croatia – 180 euro

Italy – 275 euro

Slovenia – 180 euro

Spain – 360 euro

You can register for participation via the link – https://forms.gle/nSHeCJzBnLU9Xr4o9

Registration deadline: August 18, 2023. Selected participants will be contacted.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask at: diana.todorova@documenta.hr



The study visit is part of the project “Female perspectives on the democratic transitions of the 1970s, 1980s and the 1990s”. The project celebrates instances, actors, and groups that struggled for pluralism, democracy, and freedom, including life stories of courageous women, who set examples of civil resistance to defend fundamental freedoms.

The project is co-financed by the European Union