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In this Biweekly report edited on February 2, 2016, sa most important topics concerning war crimes trials, acts of discrimination, hate crime and hate speech, the rights of civilian war victims and the process of dealing with the past in the societywe single out:

Worrying decisions of the State Prosecutor’s Office  (DORH)
Disciplining the journalists
Hate speech vs. freedom of expression
Calling on the media
Drmeljevo detention camp director convicted of 4 years of prison in the first instance for war crimes against civilian population
The Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia established discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation in the statements given by Zdravko Mamić
Every offense of a powerful woman is a reflection of the powerlessness of a man
Convocation of new Croatian Parliament and Government, protests against a minister with anti-democratic attitudes, and the first resignation vs. pressures against civil society organizations