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New developments in the dispute between Croatia and the European Commission concerning the application of the European Arrest Warrant /  In his reply to European Commission, Justice Minister Miljenić accepted the point of view that introduction of time-
issue should have been dealt with, formally, in the course of accession
negotiations – but it was not. Miljenić said that the Government will
take the necessary measures to align its law in question with the Acquis
as adopted during negotiations.

After the trial hearing, the defendant rushed at the witness in the court hall / The Zagreb County Court resumed the main hearing on 10 and 11 September 2013 in the trial against ex-member of the 9th HV Brigade Velibor Šolaja charged with the killing of one unidentified elderly female person during the „Pocket ’93“ Military Action. When providing depositions on 10 September 2013, witnesses Josip Kučić and Dragan Radoslav stated that defendant Šolaja had been carrying a handgun before and after the Military Action. Before the court room, immediately after the trial hearing was concluded, the defendant – who was noticeably in an agitated state – rushed at witness Dragan Radoslav. The defendant’s wife tried to stop her husband in this attack but failed. The defendant was yelling at the witness and beating him up repeatedly saying that he had not been in possession of a handgun. Judiciary police officers observed what was going on but did not take any action to intervene. At the trial hearing which was held the following day, the Court Council’ President reprimanded the defendant because of the mentioned rushing.

Trial in absence of the defendant for killing two and maltreating several civilians / In the trial against Boban Arsić, indicted for a war crime against civilians, began a main hearing before the Split County Court on 11 September 2013. Arsić is charged that he, in his capacity as Serb military formation member, on 12 January 1992 in Drinovci, in the hamlet Bačići near Drniš, killed two civilians (spouses Mate and Marija Bačić) and that he maltreated and threatened on the same day the civilians which stayed in the village in the manner that he
lined up three civilians against a wall and opened burst fire form automatic rifle only a few centimetres above their heads.

Slobodna Dalmacija daily waived the request for compensation of litigation Government of the Republic of Croatia costs – an example for the Government of the Republic of Croatia / Slobodna Dalmacija daily will waive the request for compensation of litigation costs in the amount of 14,760.00 kuna from Vjera Solar who lost a lawsuit in which she sued Slobodna Dalmacija for compensation of damage due to a slander caused by a text published in Nedjeljna Dalmacija weekly in 1995 which contained statements made by the-
then Head of Sisak Police Administration Vladimir Milanković.

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