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Amendments to the European Arrest Warrant entered into force – different county court decisions in response to requests for extradition of Josip Perković and Zdravko Mustač because of the murder of Croatian political emigrant Stjepan Đureković / On the first day of 2014 EAW was activated in the case of 28 persons whose extradition was requested by different EU countries. The same day police authority apprehended Josip Perković and Zdravko Mustač, leaders of Yugoslav and Croatian secret services, whose extradition was requested by German judicial authorities because of the murder of Croatian political emigrant Stjepan Đureković in Germany in 1983.

The opening of the monument dedicated to the victims executed in 1946 in Gacka Valley / On 30 December 2013 in Tupale hamlet near Sinac, a memorial monument was opened in memory of the fifteen victims of communist regime who were executed in that area in 1946. This is the first such memorial which Croatia erected on the site of the crimes which were committed after the World War II, after the adoption of the Act on the Research, Planning and Maintenance of Military Cemeteries, Cemeteries of  the Victims of World War II and the Postwar Period (OG 143/2012) in December 2012. Despite a delayed investigation of the crimes and marking of the sites where those crimes were committed, we support such activities because they present expression of piety toward the killed persons.

News from the ICTY: Šešelj Judgment will not be delivered before second half of 2014 / Out of 161 persons prosecuted by the ICTY for crimes committed (and) on the Croatian territory,  prosecuted were 16 members of the Serbian military or political leadership.

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