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The “United Against Fascism,” organized by the revitalization of the public celebration of the liberation of Zagreb. Apart from the desire to appropriate, festive celebration of Remembrance Day to the end fighting that has killed in four years more than 15,000 locals, but also to all the victims of fascist terror, raises the question of the value and role of anti-fascism today, the rise of right-wing political, and economic options and community deterioration in the material, and social.

The program will be held at the Library Bogdan Ogrizovic (Preradoviceva 3), Nova Gallery – Showroom (7 Tesla) and in the streets of Zagreb, 08 svibnja 2012th Read more about what the announcement of which is enclosed.

We demand that the tradition of marking one of the most important dates in the history of Zagreb is restored, and that in the near future, and institutions of local government and self-organized citizens massively and proudly celebrate Liberation Day back their city.