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In celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the Croatian Anti-war campaign, we are pleased to invite you to presentation and talk about the book “Anti-War Campaign 1991 – 2011: The Untold History”, edited by Vesna Janković i Nikola Mokrović.

Presentation of the book, will be held in the conference room of Human Rights House, on Monday, 23 January 2012 at 7PM. Introdaction speeches will be give by: Vesna Kesić, prof. Ph.D. Ozren Žunec and editors of the book.

From the Preface:

Although what you think history is always a certain selective historiographic violence, however, that history can complement and add new meanings. The greatest danger of such acquired privilege is that a bad use. Although the plan to offer a broader and more representative picture of ARK, the final product necessarily contains a certain amount of arbitrariness that the people who created it in the present process of several months could not be avoided. In large part this stems from the arbitrariness of incomplete and confused archives that we have available, and the fact that people are involved in the project the job done completely voluntarily, with your other commitments. Therefore, one should bear in mind that the version of history that is printed on the pages of this book just working, temporary, only one possible. His contribution to access before beginning a dialogue about what the ARK remains. What may be most of it is expected to make a visible part of the history that comes alive and let him talk and it – connecting the “dead” papers and “vivid” memories – indicate the change, but also continuity.