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On the 70th anniversary of the death of Nada Dimić, 18 March 2012, a round round table “Nada Dimić in the culture of memory” was held at Jasenovac Memorial Site.

Speakers were professor Ph.D. Drago Roksandić (Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb), Gojko Matić as a witness and narrator of oral history, Sandra Prlenda (Center for Women’s Studies), Aneta Lalić from the Serbian National Council, Marija Crnogorac s from Archives of the Croatian Serbs, doc. Ph.D. Vjeran Pavlaković (Faculty of Philosophy in Rijeka), Jasna Jakšić from the Museum of Contemporary Art. Discussion was moderated by Vesna Teršelič  from Documenta – Centre for Dealing with the past.

During the event various aspects of the person and work of Nada Dimić and how cultural and memorial processing of its heritage through a particular art form were discussed.