We invite you to a memorial walk on the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, on Thursday, January 27, organized by the Anti-Fascist League of the Republic of Croatia and Documenta – Center for Dealing with the Past. We will gather at 11:00 in Praška Street in front of the memorial plaque on the site of the demolished Synagogue, where a representative of the Coordination of Jewish Communities will address us. After that, we will continue towards the former Hotel Milinov, today’s Hotel Dubrovnik, and then walk down Jurišićeva and Martićeva to Tomašićeva street, where the writer Hinko Gottlieb once lived. At 12:00 we arrive at the Square of the Victims of Fascism, where a short commemorative program will be held, and those gathered will be addressed by the President of the Antifascist League, Zoran Pusić.

Tena Banjeglav from Documenta, one of the authors of the publication Zagreb in war, resistance, literary creation and memory – A guide to Zagreb during World War II, will talk about the suffering in the Second World War. We remind you that this publication is available at the link: https://documenta.hr/publikacije/.

Also, a list of memorial walks held so far is available at: https://documenta.hr/zagreb-u-drugom-svjetskom-ratu/.

Please register for participation by sending an email to:

The program is organized as part of MeMe and #WeRemember, with the support of the EU, European Remembrance.

Documenta – Centre for Dealing with the Past