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Platform 112, coalition which brings together sixty civil society organizations active in the field of human rights, democratization, peace building, combating corruption and protection of public resources, presented a statement on the overall evaluation of the new government in relation to the 112 requests submitted to agents and dealers during the inaugural session of the seventh assembly of the Croatian Parliament.

Further to this general assessment, which is enclosed, the Platform 112 in the full report, which will be published on April 17, 2012., detailed display of government action in relation to the set of all 112 requests and propose priorities for the next six months and announce their advocacy activities.

We remind that the platform 112 are actively involved in monitoring the obligations arising from negotiations with the EU, and this report will serve as a complement to the European Commission’s report on the continuation of reforms in Chapter 23 (April 2012). And for the next annual progress report (October 2012). .